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Nick Welden, the Sheriff of DeKalb County, says he was arrested for 11-year-old Amberly Alexis Barnett, whose body was discovered at the weekend.

At a press conference at the Sheriff's office, Welden Sheriff said that 33-year-old Christopher Wayne Madison was charged with Capital Murder for Cedar Bluff's murder of Barnett. Welden Sheriff said that Madison was held without a bond.

Welden Sheriff said that preliminary results show that Barnett's death was due to strangulation. His body was found in a wooded area about 200 meters behind the defendants. Because of the ongoing investigation, Welden Sheriff said that no further information would be available at this time.

Welden said, "The road to justice is my main concern." He thanked his colleagues and all the other agencies involved in the investigation.

Listen to the full press conference by clicking the link below.


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