Winter Storm Forecast: 6-8 inches of snow is expected on Saturday in Massachusetts, which could cause travel hazards and outages

This weekend may be suitable for sitting indoors and drinking a hot chocolate.

An effective winter storm is expected to hit the state from late Friday and last Saturday through Saturday. Inside the state, heavy snowfall, heavy rain and severe winds are expected.

A winter storm watch was issued from the West to the Berkshire Islands all the way to Boston. According to the National Meteorological Service, total snow accumulation in some parts of the state can range from less than one inch to no more than 8 inches.

“The rapidly intensifying storm system is causing stormy winds and heavy rain, which varies with the duration of accumulating snow, is sometimes strong until Saturday afternoon,” the federal agency said.

However, the forecast remains more uncertain than usual. Officials say despite a 24-36-hour omission, it remains questionable exactly how the potential weekend storm will unfold.

Even with uncertainty, the National Meteorological Service said it was certain that the storm would be an “extremely dynamic system,” meaning that despite extreme temperatures, it was likely to have a large period of snowfall of 1-2 inches per hour.

The agency warns of dangerous driving conditions and scattered power outages where strong wet snow accumulates.

Forecasters in mid- and north Worcester County, as well as Pioneer Valley, MetroWest and Essex County, are expected to hit the snow the hardest, with 6-8 inches expected.

In the rest of central Massachusetts, as well as in Pioneer Valley and Greater Boston, 4-6 inches of snow may fall closer. While Worcester is expected to hit 4-6 inches, Springfield and Boston will see it around 3-4 inches, officials said.

In eastern Massachusetts, amounts are set to fall south of Boston. According to the National Meteorological Service, no accumulation is expected in Hyannis and beyond on Cape Cod.

Coastal communities south of Boston have also exhibited high wind hours in the Cape and Cape Islands, as well as in Plymouth and Norfolk counties, where gusts of wind have to reach 50 to 55 miles per hour, the agency said.

Winds are expected to be 45-50 in Boston, 25-30 in Pioneer Valley and Worcester, and 30-35 / hour / hour in Berkshire, forecasters have noted.

The National Meteorological Service has called on residents to pay attention to the latest storm forecasts and warnings. Officials recommend that people also secure loose objects or shelter in a safe place before strong winds set in.

“Harmful winds can knock down trees and electrical wires. Extensive power outages are possible. Traveling can be difficult, especially for high-profile vehicles, ”the agency said.

The storm should leave the region by Sunday. Mostly dry and cooler weather will follow on Monday and Tuesday, with crushing and cool conditions expected early next week. However, the forecast may change in more than 72 hours.

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