Wisconsin Election Results: Biden’s Lead in Dane County Shrinks by Only 45 Votes After Countdown

Biden won the county with 181,340 votes and is now ready to become the winner in the state. Both candidates fell short of the total for election night votes: Biden lost 91 and Trump lost 46 votes in the recount, the Dane County Canvassers Board announced on Sunday. The drawings were mainly caused by the lack of signatures on the ballots, either by the voter or by the witness.

On Friday, Biden gained a net 132 votes in the Milwaukee County recount, the only other Wisconsin county that was part of the recount requested by the Trump campaign.
The announcements will close the Wisconsin recount, and CNN predicts Biden will win the state and turn it blue after Trump wins in 2016.

Dane County has seen no major problems with the recount, and Scott McDonell County official, who is also a member of the Canvassers council, says there are no issues to be resolved.

During the announcement of the results, McDonell said the recount clearly revealed no voter fraud and questioned why the campaign only asked for a recount in two counties in Wisconsin if it believed the issue was widespread in the state.

He also tweeted a photo on Sunday of the recount summary with the caption “Dane County recount 3-0 certification.”

The Wisconsin Electoral Commission on Tuesday will certify the state’s election results.

Trump tweeted Saturday afternoon that his campaign plans to challenge the results of the Wisconsin recount in court.