Wisconsin Governor: Trump Launches Election Lawsuit with “Attack on Democracy”

Governor of Wisconsin Tony EversTony EversTrump Campaign Launches New Post-Certification Lawsuit in Wisconsin, Wisconsin Officially Announces Biden Wins Election After Wisconsin Police Recalculate (D) criticized President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump refers to the 2024 case in the White House, noting that Trump is vetoing the defense bill for technical liability protectiona recent lawsuit aimed at overthrowing the state’s election results as an “attack on democracy”.

The Trump campaign launched a new lawsuit at the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday, centering on some 221,000 votes cast in Milwaukee and Dane counties, two democratic-difficult areas previously targeted by the president.

In his late court filings Tuesday, Evers’ attorneys are asking for the case to be dismissed, According to WBAY, arguing that this should start in lower courts.

“President Trump’s petition is nothing less than overthrowing the will of nearly 3.3 million Wisconsin voters,” the petition, WBAY said. “It is a shocking and outrageous attack on our democracy.”

“By focusing only on the alleged technical violations of two counties, he made it clear that it was not his intention to determine fairly who the Wisconsinites voted for to lead our country,” the governor’s lawyers continued. “He’s simply trying to get Wisconsin’s electoral votes, despite losing the national election.”

The lawsuit was filed after Wisconsin officially stated President-elect Joe BidenJoe BidenTrump refers to a possible 2024 remark by the White House. Tiger King’s lawyer believes they are close to Trump Cruz’s pardon. after the partial recount, the winner of the state election. The former vice president won the state by roughly 20,700 votes.

The plaintiffs sought to block certification until the ballot papers they deemed “illegal and invalid” were discarded. The ballot papers in question contain absences which, according to the campaign, were incorrectly issued, calculated or cast.

The lawsuit also alleged that Evers “made an illegal attempt to justify the election” even before the “expiration of the post-recount appeal deadline”.

WBAY said the National Democratic Commission and the Wisconsin Biden Elector chose the intervention on Wednesday, saying “coercive interests are at stake”.

Even if Trump manages to reverse the results in Wisconsin, he would not have enough votes to win the second term of the Electoral College in the White House.

Trump won the state with a narrow lead in 2016.