With four Broncos QBs, Kendall Hinton recorded ESPN Fantasy as QB

All four defenders on the Denver Broncos roster have been declared unfit for Sunday’s match against the New Orleans Saints. Because of this, the team is expected to activate Kendall Hinton from the practice team to be a quarterback on Week 12. Below you will find answers to any questions you may have about how this will affect your ESPN fantasy football team and / or league.

1. How does ESPN handle Kendall Hinton eligibility?

Hinton is only eligible at QB. He was admitted to the game on Saturday night (ET) and is subject to exemptions. This is consistent with when a player is activated in the ESPN Fantasy player database, which usually occurs when a player is added to an NFL team’s active roster.

• For tournaments with a traditional cancellation, the cancellation process will only take place after the end of the 12th week.

• For tournaments with daily continuous cancellations, the cancellation process will take place at the scheduled time on Sunday and Hinton can be requested in time for the Sunday match.

• Only available immediately in free agency tournaments.

2. The league applies traditional exemptions. Is there a way for my league to make him active in Sunday’s match against the Saints?

If you’re in a private tournament and want Hinton to bypass the cancellations, the tournament manager (LM) can go to her league on the ESPN Fantasy website, the LM Tools page, and select “Position Moves” from the “List”. Tools “section and add Hinton to the team of his choice. The Hinton subordinate team can then add him to the QB starting team. Another option offered by the tournament manager is the ability to adjust the outcome of all matches at his own discretion.

3. What if my league uses the team’s QB?

The Broncos Team QB includes statistics for all players whose primary position is QB, including Hinton, in Week 12.