WSJ Op-Ed author Jill Biden, a former employer, rejected, removed the profile from the Northwest website

The academic’s call to elected first lady Jill Biden to “throw the doc” in her name was described by her former employer as “female-hateful,” which appears to have removed the author’s profile from her website.

Writing THE Wall Street Journal, Joseph Epstein called Joe Biden’s wife “Kiddo” “president-elect” and said he felt the honorary “cheater” and “comedian.”

Essay writer Epstein and former English lecturer at Northwestern argued that only doctors should use this title, which would exclude Jill Biden, who has two master’s degrees and a 2007 doctoral degree in education from the University of Delaware.

Biden is referred to as Dr. Jill Biden in press releases of the elected president, Biden’s team. You will also receive the address on your official Twitter and Facebook account.

The university where Epstein was an honorary emeritus lecturer moved away from opera.

“Northwestern is firmly committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and strongly disagrees with Mr. Epstein’s views on women’s hatred,” the university said in a statement to the student paper. A Daily Northwestern.

In a brief statement, the institution’s English department noted that Epstein had not taught there for nearly 20 years, accusing him of “relentlessly endeavoring to legitimately disclose Dr. Jill Biden’s doctoral credentials and expertise.”

He added: “The department rejects this view, as well as the fact that anyone can obtain a properly obtained degree in any field, at any university.”

It is reported that Epstein’s profile on the university’s website is Magazine pieces appeared on Friday.

He sparked repercussions in a few quarters of the article, including Biden’s team.

A spokesman for the first lady elected called her “rough enough,” while Biden’s communications director, Kate Bedingfield, called her epstein op “a patronizing, sexist, elitist driving force.”

Doug Emhoff, the husband of elected Vice President Kamala Harris, defended Jill Biden and implicitly accused Epstein of sexism.

“Dr. Biden earned his degrees with hard work and clean grains,” he tweeted. “It inspires me, his disciples, and Americans all over the country. This story would never have been written about a man.”

Physicians and university doctorates also criticized the op.

Dr. Dara Kass, an emergency doctor at Columbia University Medical Center, wrote on Twitter, “She’s Dr. Biden, the future first lady, to give her the respect she deserves.”

Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, of the Doctoral School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, said, “The president and Dr. Biden will be addressed. Period.”

The AP is a style book, a writing guide used by major American publications, including Newsweek, also suggests that the term physician should not be used by those with a doctoral degree.

Its most recent edition reads: “In the first reference to Dr., use the name of the individual who is a dentist, doctor of medicine, optometry, osteopathic doctor, doctor of medicine, or doctor of veterinary medicine as the official title.”

He adds, “Don’t use Dr. in front of the names of people with other types of doctoral degrees.”

Epstein, Northwest and A Wall Street Journal contacted for comment.

Jill Biden has a doctorate
Jill Biden speaks at the “Women for Biden” entry meeting on October 5 in Boca Raton, Boca Raton, Florida. The academician at WSJ received significant online echo because she called the first lady — she decides to quit her doctorate.
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