Yes, Bernie Sanders also laughs at those installation memes

Senator Bernie Sanders feels Bern and love after a photo of a virus sitting alone in his face mask, winter coat and spotted mittens on Wednesday’s presidential election has become viral.

In Thursday’s episode of “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Sanders said he was entertained by the now ubiquitous image that makes Twitter greet the Vermont senator for his commitment to social distance and utilitarian fashion choices.

Sanders couldn’t quell his laughter when Meyers made one of his favorite shots with the meme, and he placed Bernie’s inauguration on a couch with the women of “Sex and the City” and asked if Sanders was following the reputation of social media.

“Yes, I saw them,” said the 79-year-old politician. “What was really nice was the woman who lives the mittens at Essex Junction (Vt.). He was a school teacher and a very, very kind man, and was a little overwhelmed by the kind of attention shown to his mittens. “

Last year, Vermont’s Weekly Weekly Day confirmed that a second-grade teacher named Jen Ellis had made the cozy hand warmers he sent to Sanders at Christmas. The senator has been wearing them ever since.

“Thank you for all your interest in Bernie’s mittens!” Ellis tweeted hours after Wednesday’s event. “It was a truly wonderful and historic day! I am so flattering that Bernie wore them at the inauguration. Unfortunately, there are no more mittens for sale. There are a lot of great craftsmen working at ETSY who make them. “

Needless to say, Ellis’s gloves are now all over the internet, as is Sanders – he loved a “grumpy, elegant” look at “Friends” Central Perk Cafe, “Game of Thrones” Iron Throne, Mike was Vice President Pence’s hair, and on the moon as well.

Photographer Brendan Smialowski, of the Agence France-Presse news service, took the shot around the world. Sanders, of course, was unaware that he was being photographed and wanted to become the meme of the week as he soaked in the harsh air of Washington during the historic day.

“I was just sitting and trying to keep warm,” Sanders told Meyers, trying to pay attention to what was happening.

The convincing universal health advocate also addressed the turmoil surrounding the mysterious manila envelope seen at the ceremony. There was widespread online speculation about its content, from “enforcement orders to sign Biden” to “an article cut out of the newspaper by Bernie that Biden would find interesting”.

(Based on BuzzFeed journalist Ruby Cramer had Sanders tickets for the inauguration in the envelope. But it’s not nearly as fun.)

“I’d love to tell you, Seth,” Sanders said fondly the late night when asked about the package. – Strictly confidential.

Aside from the jokes, he told Meyers, a former 2020 presidential candidate, that he “has tears when he sees the new president swear and the old president leaves Washington”. Despite the Senate already having plenty of work to do, he also stood for the swift condemnation of Donald Trump after the former president was brought to justice for a second time after the Trumpet attack on the Capitol building.

“We need to show the American people that we can walk and chew the bubble bubble at the same time,” Sanders said. “We don’t have time to spend weeks and months prosecuting. People today are hungry in America. They are about to be evicted. They have no income. They are worried about the future. … We can move forward with all of these issues at the same time as we prepare to raise our fingers and work. “