Yes, Mark Halperin works for Newsmax Now

Over the weekend, social media outraged at the realization that Mark Halperin, who is embarrassed by political disappointment, is now a contributor to the right-wing Newsmax network, which has created a recent game for Fox News for angry, furious Trump fans.

As The Daily Beast reported last month, Halperin who became undesirable person after the story of the alleged widespread sexual misconduct came to light in the media in 2017, he has been on Newsmax for at least the summer – and even runs his own show on the Trump incentive channel.

It was an explosive Saturday interview that inevitably reshaped the Trump campaign’s legal efforts to overthrow President Donald Trump’s election loss – leading to the discovery by many that Halperin had quietly returned to cable news.

A former analyst at MSNBC and Bloomberg has long been a regular performer on a number of Newsmax programs, including Sean Spicer, an early White House secretary on an early evening show. In addition, the one-time influential expert will also host a weekend show Focus group of Mark Halperin.

Asked what role Halperin will play in the network in August, Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy said The Washington Post that Halperin “posted or made a focus group Zoom video on YouTube” and believed that “they will be tested over the weekend and see how the political conversation went.” Ruddy added that “there is no long-term agreement to run the show.”

And last month, when Halperin’s show continued to run on weekends and the expert was billed on the air as a news analyst for Newsmax, the network continued to insist on The Daily Beast that while “continuing to broadcast Focus Group, a program which is being developed and owned by Mr. Halperin. Newsmax “did not make a final decision on the program”.

On Sunday, Halperin spoke with former Fox News presenter and current Newsmax anchor Rob Schmit, a former member of Trump’s legal team, Sidney Powell, who is making unfounded allegations abroad that Dominion is voting software – apparently at the behest of late Venezuelans. dictator Hugo Chavez and liberal philanthropist George Soros – millions of votes were translated from Trump to elected president Joe Biden.

In an interview that quickly became viral, Halperin and Schmitt uncritically allowed Powell to extend his outrageous allegations of electoral fraud to include the Georgian Republican governor and secretary of state, claiming he was part of a massive conspiracy while suggesting that both were bribed. He vowed to “blow up” Georgia with a “biblical” lawsuit.

Also on Sunday, just days after Powell unveiled Trump’s team’s crazy press conference exposing a strange conspiracy of voter fraud, attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis Trump issued a statement rejecting Powell and stepping away from their legal effort. “Sidney Powell exercises the law alone.” He is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. In his personal capacity, he is not even the president’s lawyer, ”the statement reads.