Yoda baby cookies from Mandalorian are now available for purchase

For a character whose full existence has been examined to the limit for his meme potential, the The Mandalorian since the premiere of the show, he has delivered the best pieces from The Child, i.e. Baby Yoda. We see the little Force user trying an electrical job, waving his hand in the middle of the flight as if on the road, and even stealing a cookie from a local child when he says no. As we know, Lucasfilm and The Walt Disney Company won’t miss the opportunity to make a dollar, so you can now officially purchase the cookies from The Mandalorian’s latest episode.

Williams Sonoma unveiled “Nevarro Nummies ™ Macarons,” the delicacies available in twelve packs that somehow cost $ 50. Those who have little desire for snacks from the Macaronians are worth undertaking a headhunt in their spare time. The official description of the desserts read: “Inspired by a sweet moment when a young Varro student argued with his child about his delicacy, 21st century California artisans created these ethereal French-style almond macarons that capture the essence of the scene with Nevarro. Nummies ™. For an authentic galactic flavor, each delicious delicacy is handcrafted with a rich, creamy vanilla filling. ”Grab it yourself by clicking here.

The Child’s latest snack created much-needed benevolence for him after making a controversial decision in an earlier episode of the series to bite out the eggs of the “Frog Lady” waiting to be fertilized. Although the series was played as a laugh and was clearly intended as a joke, despite the insistence of some in the series, the scenes ended up being an awkward moment for many viewers who objected to the humor of those moments, noting the difficulties they struggled with. some had to conceive problems.

These cookies, as seen on The Mandalorian, are the latest in some of the slightly bizarre items in the series, joined by collectible keys, the episodes of Funko POP! -Okay and even an ugly Christmas sweater.

The Mandalorian broadcasts new episodes every Friday on Disney +. If you haven’t registered for Disney + yet, you can try it here.

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