“You Must Stop”: Georgia Georgia Election Official Lashes Trump

Some of Mr. Trump’s supporters marched into the street and into the Capitol Building in downtown Atlanta, where they were recently joined by conspiracy theory from Alex Jones of Infowars. In other cases, Trump’s supporters harassed or threatened Mr. Sterling, Mr. Raffensperger, and others.

Tim Murtaugh, a spokesman for the Trump campaign, said in a statement tonight: “The focus of the campaign is to count all legal votes and not illegal votes. No one should continue to threaten or violence, and if that happens, we will fully condemn it. “

In the midst of all of this, Mr. Sterling, a detail-oriented former city councilor on the Atlanta suburb of Sandy Springs, took a prominent role in the state as he recounted. Together with Mr Raffensperger, the general rapporteur was often present at a number of press conferences, explaining the complexity of Georgia’s electoral and recount systems and arguing that the results currently showing Mr Biden had won by about 12,700 votes were credible.

Ari Schaffer, press secretary in the Secretary of State’s office, did not respond directly to the question of whether on Tuesday Mr Raffensperger had blessed Mr Sterling to speak so strongly against the President. But he noted that Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs was standing near Mr Sterling when he declared it.

“Gabriel supports it,” Ms. Fuchs said independently in a text message.

At the end of Tuesday, Ms Loeffler and Mr Perdue said they condemned all forms of violence, but also said they did not apologize for the state elections in order to achieve accountability and accuracy.

At the second press conference convened by the Secretary of State on Tuesday, in the second, Mr Sterling said loudly, emotionally and deliberately that people had invaded Mr Raffensperger’s personal property. He said Mr Raffensperger’s wife “receives sexual threats via her mobile phone”. He mentioned that he has police protection outside his own house, and he also explored this topic in a November 21 tweet.

“So it’s fun … they tried several times to crack my emails, police protection around my home, threats,” Mr. Sterling wrote at the time. “But everything is fine … obeying the laws, following the process … doing our job.”